The Connection Between Vitamin D Intake and Covid-19 Mortality Rates in Brooklyn, NY

Vitamin D Levels and Covid-19 Mortality Rates Connection in Brooklyn Area

These are scary times for many of us. With the spread of COVID-19 around the globe, we are all practicing safety measures that will help mitigate the risk of contracting the virus. Did you know that studies have begun to link the consumption of vitamin D with a lower risk of becoming seriously ill even after contracting the virus? Dr. Alexander Shapsis and his team at Atlantic Gastroenterology in Brooklyn, NY are doing their part in educating patients on the connection between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 mortality rates. How Does Vitamin D Help Lessen the Severity of COVID-19? Having … Continue reading

Brooklyn, NY gastroenterologist explains the importance of testosterone for proper digestive health

In Brooklyn, NY Area Gastroenterologist Explains the Importance of Testosterone for Proper Digestive Health

Chances are, when you think of testosterone, your digestive system is NOT the first thing that comes to mind! We are all accustomed to thinking about testosterone in terms of masculine characteristics and reproductive health, but did you know that it also plays an important role in the digestive health of both men and women? Dr. Alexander Shapsis, gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, NY explains more about the link and the importance of testosterone for maintaining proper digestive health. Testosterone: what is it and why does it decline? Testosterone is a hormone that exists in both the male and female bodies. In … Continue reading

Is 50 early enough for CRC screening from a gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, NY?

CRC Screening Rates and Transition From Age 49 to 50 in Brooklyn NY area

We’ve all heard about the importance of, starting when we turn 50, receiving a colonoscopy to detect any early signs of cancer. What some doctors are beginning to see is that there are signs that this may not be early enough due to the higher rate of cancer diagnosis being seen in patients who are waiting between the age of 49 and 50 to receive colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. Dr. Alexander Shapsis and his team at Atlantic Gastroenterology are digestive health experts operating out of a state-of-the-art clinic in Brooklyn, NY who are spreading the word regarding the importance of … Continue reading

Women in Brooklyn, NY are being educated about IBS by local gastroenterologist

Female Ibs Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments in Brooklyn NY area

Did you know that women are twice as likely to have irritable bowel syndrome, also called IBS, over males? If you are experiencing symptoms including frequent cramping, abdominal pain and other abdominal related issues, you may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Alexander Shapsis and his team at Atlantic Gastroenterology are digestive health experts operating out of a state-of-the-art clinic. If you are a woman in the Brooklyn, NY area and want to improve your quality of life by conquering IBS, it’s important that you understand the symptoms, causes and treatments that are available to you. Dr. Shapsis is … Continue reading

A guide to the benefits of intermittent fasting, courtesy of your Brooklyn NY specialty practice

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting in Brooklyn area

Numerous studies through the decades have associated gastrointestinal changes with cardiovascular conditions, including chronic heart failure. As the office of Board-certified Gastroenterologist Dr. Alexander Shapsis, Atlantic Gastroenterology also appreciates the impact diet naturally has on gastrointestinal health and the rest of the body and its interconnected systems. While much has been made of the benefits of intermittent fasting for Brooklyn NY patients and others in terms of weight loss, research is further showing that long-term fasting of even just one day per month supports heart health. The study Researchers at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah followed more than … Continue reading

Brooklyn NY specialty practice highlights the best and worst diets for your health

Best and Worst Diets for Your Health in Brooklyn area

As a Board-certified Gastroenterologist, Dr. Alexander Shapsis naturally promotes diets that support healthy GI function. Furthermore, excess consumption of foods such as processed meats have been cited as risk factors for some gastrointestinal cancers, including colon and rectal cancer. Here, Dr. Shapsis and the Atlantic Gastroenterology team highlight the “Best and Worst Diets for Your Health” in Brooklyn NY (and elsewhere). The rankings U.S. News and World Report’s 25-member panel of health experts review 35 diets annually, and rank them in descending order based on the following criteria: Ease of implementing the diet into your lifestyle Nutritional value Safety Effectiveness … Continue reading

Brooklyn, NY doctor explains the effects of a leaky gut

the effect of leaky gut in overall health Brooklyn NY area

Your gut is the gateway to your health! Nearly 80% of your immune system is devoted to the gut, as does most of your serotonin (the chemical responsible for your feelings of happiness). A healthy gut can often be linked to overall health. So, what does a “healthy gut” mean, and more importantly, what does it look like when your gut isn’t healthy? In the following article, we’ll look at the effects of a condition called “leaky gut” and how that can impact overall wellness. If you are in the Brooklyn, NY area and would like to learn more about … Continue reading

Brooklyn doctor examines reasons for aging skin and helpful ways to treat and prevent it

Reasons for Aging Skin and How to Treat and Prevent in Brooklyn area area

Did you know that the health and makeup of your intestinal bacteria plays a major role in the strength of your immune system? The bacteria that is located in your gut is like its own internal ecosystem and when there is a disruption to the balance of good and  bad bacteria, it can contribute to a number of chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and more. So, what does this have to do with treating and preventing aging skin? Well, a lot. Chances are you you’ve heard of probiotics and the benefits of eating … Continue reading

Brooklyn patients ask, “What is SIBO and how is it diagnosed?”

What is SIBO in Brooklyn area

If you’ve ever experienced bloating that was so bad that you could barely keep your pants buttoned, you could potentially have a condition known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO. SIBO occurs when the bacteria overgrow in the small intestines, causing an unbalance. When individuals in Brooklyn come to Atlantic Gastroenterology with symptoms such as abdominal cramping, gas, bloating, vitamin B12 deficiency and diarrhea, we often recommend lab testing for SIBO. What is SIBO? To understand SIBO, it’s important to understand the role of bacteria in the GI tract. Healthy gut bacteria are important for overall health, thyroid function, … Continue reading

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