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Understanding EndoReSlim Endoscopic Sleeve Revision

Have you had surgical stomach procedures that helped you lose weight? Do you find yourself gaining weight over time? You may be a great candidate for the Endo Reslim endoscopic sleeve revision surgery available at the EndoSlim Clinic of Atlantic Gastroenterology. Dr. Alexander Shapsis is a Board-Certified gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, New York, who can provide solutions to get you back to your healthy weight, even after surgical procedures have been performed.

Understanding EndoReSlim Endoscopic Revision

What is EndoReSlim endoscopic sleeve revision procedure?

The EndoReSlim endoscopic sleeve revision procedure is a specialized treatment that is used to help patients who have lost weight in the past with gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures but find that they have gained weight over time. This may be caused by the expansion of the stomach pouch, the stretching of the stoma (the opening in the abdominal wall), or sleeve stretching after gastric sleeve surgery. The EndoReSlim treatment is designed to shrink the stretched stoma and stomach to achieve previous goals yet again. Do not feel discouraged if you have had success with weight loss in the past, but changes have occurred–we can help with this FDA approved specialized revision surgery.

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Gastric bypass surgery creates a small pouch from the stomach and connects the pouch to the small intestine. This decreases the amount of food you can eat and reduces nutrient absorption. However, weight gain can reoccur if the connection between the stomach and the intestines gets bigger over time. If this happens, a Dr. May recommend a revision procedure to re-tighten the connection or outlet to help you lose weight. Again, this procedure is called transoral outlet reduction or tor. While you are asleep, the doctor passes the camera through your mouth and into your stomach. After inspecting the area, the doctor prepares the tissue around the outlet to be RET tightened. Using the Apollo revised system, the Dr. May place a few stitches to tighten the outlet or may so completely around the outlet to tighten it into a smaller size. If needed, the Dr. May use one to two stitches to re-tighten the stomach pouch as well. With the outlet sewn into a smaller shape, you’ll eat less and feel full faster. This advanced endoscopic procedure performed with the Apollo revised system does not require incisions, meaning no scarring unless time away. Most patients typically go home the same day as the procedure and can return to work in two to three days. Sutures are applied using the Apollo Revised system, the first and only system authorized by the FDA to perform this endoscopic revision. After a gastric bypass, it is indicated in adult patients with obesity who have A BMI 30 to 50.

Learn more about the Apollo revised system by visiting Apollo endo.com/reise. Patients who undergo a to procedure must also pursue certain lifestyle modifications, such as changes to diet and exercise. In order to achieve desired results, all procedures have risks. Talk to your doctor and understand all risks before having a procedure.

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Can I use EndoReSlim endoscopic sleeve revision for gastric sleeve revision?

Absolutely! Our doctor can evaluate you and talk to you about the procedures you have performed in the past to determine if you are a good candidate for this or other weight loss solutions. In many cases, patients who monitor calorie intake, take supplements to feed their body the right nutrients, and live an active lifestyle are more likely to maintain their weight loss long-term.

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Call the EndoSlim Clinic of Atlantic Gastroenterology of Brooklyn, NY, at 1-877-SIZEOFF (1-877-749-3633) to request an appointment at one of our two office locations to talk to our Board-Certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Alexander Shapsis.

He is an award-winning and highly-recognized professional in the field of gastroenterology who can assist patients with a wide range of conditions, including offering nonsurgical options for medical-guided weight loss.

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