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Have you heard about our new service?

We can actually test your metabolism by measuring your breathing for just 10 minutes!

How does it work?

Well, since it takes oxygen to make energy, we just measure how much oxygen your body uses in 10 minutes, and that tells us how much energy (or calories) you are burning.

Metabolic testing begins as the REEVUE measures the amount of oxygen in the room. It then measures how much oxygen was in the air you breathed out during the test. By subtracting those 2 numbers, REEVUE is able to calculate how much oxygen your body used.

Is it accurate?

Actually, it is the same technology they use in the hospital, so it is VERY accurate.

Is it hard?

No! You just sit in a chair, relax, and breathe through a breathing tube. That’s it!

What does it tell you?

It tells you how to eat the most calories possible and still lose weight. It is the most precise measure your doctor will need to help you lose weight!

Does my Health Insurance cover this test?

Most Health Insurance plans offer coverage for the REEVUE test!

If you want to learn more about the ReeVue test, please call 1-877-SIZEOFF (1-877-749-3633) to schedule a consultation at the EndoSlim Clinic of Atlantic Gastroenterology today.

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