Pfizer’s Oral Diabetes Drug Could Freshly Join the Lineup of Sought-After Drugs for Weight Loss

In the news today, many patients are learning about certain Type 2 diabetes medications that can be used for those without diabetes to aid in weight loss. Patients who are obese are often fighting many coexisting medical conditions that are a result of excess weight on the body. Weight loss can be challenging for many, so by considering certain diabetes drugs such as Ozempic, patients have a fighting chance at getting their bodies to a healthier weight.

Pfizer Weight Loss Drug in Brooklyn NY Area

However, patients considering injectables such as Ozempic and Wegovy may reconsider if they fear needles, as these medications are injected and not taken orally. Dr. Alexander Shapsis of Atlantic Gastroenterology in Brooklyn, New York, can assist in educating patients on the benefits of these medications, along with danuglipron- a futurea newer oral diabetes pill fromon the market through Pfizer.

How Pfizer’s danuglipron works differently than Wegovy and Ozempic

The idea of boosting weight loss results with diabetes medication is becoming more common for those struggling with obesity. However, previous medications approved for weight loss required patients to have injections performed weekly. Fortunately, with Pfizer’s new oral diabetes drug, danuglipron, patients take an oral pill twice daily to see similar results.

Trials and initial studies have shown that the highest dose of danuglipron could help patients significantly reduce body weight, making this medication a potentialserious game-changer for patients with obesity struggles. Patients in the clinical trial who took 120mg doses of danuglipron twice daily found that in 16 weeks, they lost an average of approximately 10 pounds. This is similar to the results of Ozempic for weight loss but without the injections.

Ready to learn more about oral diabetes drugs for chronic weight management?

Whether you suffer from diabetes or obesitynot, you may find yourself a great candidate for Pfizer’s new weight loss drug for obesity and chronic weight management. If you reside in Brooklyn, New York, and are ready to speak to a Board-Certified gastroenterologist who can assist you in your weight reduction journey, look no further than Dr. Alexander Shapsis of Atlantic Gastroenterology.

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