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The two items you might consume that can contribute to your risk of developing colorectal cancer

According to a recent study performed by the Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China, the consumption of specific foods and beverages can increase one’s chance of developing colorectal cancer, also referred to as CRC. In this study, researchers analyzed over 118,000 patients alongside 139 dietary factors to determine the risks of developing colorectal cancer with certain foods

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Dr. Alexander Shapsis is an experienced, Board-Certified Gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, New York, serving patients at his practice, Atlantic Gastroenterology. He closely follows new studies and medical information to provide his patients with the latest recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to the best diet to prevent colon cancer, he may encourage patients to consider the findings of this particular study.

Is there a proper diet for reducing the potential of developing colorectal cancer?

The studies performed in China had an average follow-up time of almost 13 years, looking at how long-term dietary habits can impact one’s chances of developing CRC. Some were found to increase the risk regardless of genetic or hereditary factors. The most concerning two items included alcohol and white bread.

What can I do?

Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating healthy foods, and while there is no “best diet” to prevent colon cancer, patients should be mindful of the foods they eat and how they might contribute to potential concerns. Alcohol comes with a host of other concerns, including its impact on the liver, while white bread and other foods low in fiber and whole grains may increase cancer risks. Patients must work with a professional who can guide them towards a healthier lifestyle that reduces the risk of many potential health problems, focusing on more whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Are you in need of a colon cancer screening?

Whether you are due for a screening or are interested in learning more about colorectal cancer prevention, working with a Board-Certified Gastroenterologist is the first step!

Call Dr. Alexander Shapsis and his dedicated team at 718 521-2840 to request an appointment at either the Ocean Parkway clinic or Court Street clinic, both conveniently located in the Brooklyn area.

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