The two items you might consume that can contribute to your risk of developing colorectal cancer

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According to a recent study performed by the Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China, the consumption of specific foods and beverages can increase one’s chance of developing colorectal cancer, also referred to as CRC. In this study, researchers analyzed over 118,000 patients alongside 139 dietary factors to determine the risks of developing colorectal cancer with certain foods.  Dr. Alexander Shapsis is an experienced, Board-Certified Gastroenterologist in Brooklyn, New York, serving patients at his practice, Atlantic Gastroenterology. He closely follows new studies and medical information to provide his patients with the latest recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle. When it … Continue reading

Understanding the link between weight loss surgery and risk of colorectal cancer in Brooklyn NY

Bariatric Surgery Reduces Colorectal Cancer Risk in Brooklyn NY Area

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is an incredibly common form of cancer that is found in both men and women. Colon cancer is the third and fourth most common cancer in men and women respectively but is also very treatable when detected on time. Dr. Alexander Shapsis at Atlantic Gastroenterology in Brooklyn, NY encourages everybody to come in to be examined immediately if any of the common signs are detected. Colon cancer chances are elevated in people who are obese. There has been a link found between bariatric surgery and a reduced risk in people developing colorectal cancer. … Continue reading

Are you at risk of early-onset colon cancer? Specialist in Brooklyn NY offers effective preventive services

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Since the early 1990s, the number of colon and rectal cancer cases among people younger than age 50 has doubled, according to data presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. Studies suggest that colorectal cancers in young patients are being detected at later stages when they’re harder to treat. Colon Cancer Services in Brooklyn NY at Atlantic Gastroenterology are focused on checking for abnormalities as a preventive measure, and on removing polyps that can turn into malignant tumors. While doctors generally recommend that you are screened regularly for colon cancer starting at the age of 50, board-certified … Continue reading

Symptoms of colon cancer explained by a gastroenterologist in Brooklyn

Atlantic Gastroenterology describes about Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Brooklyn area

Cancer is a dreaded disease that everyone hopes to avoid. Colon cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers for men and women in the United States, but fortunately, it is largely preventable with regular screening colonoscopies and is typically very treatable when it is caught at an early stage. If you are a patient in Brooklyn, NY, the team at Atlantic Gastroenterology lead by Dr. Alexander Shapsis can help you determine an optimal screening strategy for preventive care based on your risk factors. If you have symptoms of colon cancer, they can perform accurate diagnostic testing to determine … Continue reading

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