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Patients in Brooklyn, New York, who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes understand exactly how difficult it can be to control the condition and its side effects. Dr. Alexander Shapsis of EndoSlim Clinic NY, part of Atlantic Gastroenterology is pleased to educate patients on outpatient endoscopic procedures that can eliminate the need for insulin in patients with Type 2 diabetes. This procedure, known as ReCET, is a more advanced solution that can be used for those struggling to maintain their condition and seeking assistance with new technologies and techniques.

Outpatient Endoscopic Procedure for Type 2 Diabetes in Brooklyn Area

What is ReCET?

ReCET stands for “re-cellularization via electroporation therapy” and is an outpatient procedure. This is a special technology developed by a company called Endogenez, which uses a unique catheter that is inserted and delivers electrical pulses to the duodenum, increasing cellular regeneration. This, in turn, improves insulin sensitivity by changing the hormones in the stomach and improving nutritional sensing.

Why ReCET?

Patients in the clinical trials for ReCET found that 12 of 14 individuals who combined ReCET with semaglutide injections could stop insulin for up to one year after this procedure was performed. The long therapeutic effect of this treatment, along with the fact it is drug-free, makes it a reliable and desirable option for patients looking to manage their condition and stop taking insulin altogether. It addresses insulin resistance without drug therapy and continues showing promise for those struggling to maintain their medical conditions. ReCET came about as studies continue to show that targeting the GI tract can help improve not only diabetes but other metabolic diseases that can impact one’s day-to-day life.

Find out more about ReCET today from our Board-Certified gastroenterologist!

Dr. Alexander Shapsis, in Brooklyn, New York, is here to help patients at his office who are looking for the diagnosis and treatment of specific health issues.

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