Medical weight loss strategies, what works and what doesn’t

In the arena of weight loss, certain diabetes medications have gained amazing popularity. These injectable treatments that were once only for those diagnosed with diabetes are now FDA-approved for the primary purpose of weight loss. These injectables, known as GLP-1 medications, allow many patients to lose up to 20% of their own body weight in a shorter period compared to traditional diet and exercise. 

Medical Weight Loss in Brooklyn NY Area

However, many patients in Brooklyn, New York, who use these medications to help lower their weight, find that once they stop getting the injections, their weight generally fluctuates back up to their previous weight and sometimes over. Dr. Alexander Shapsis of EndoSlim Clinic NY at Atlantic Gastroenterology can help you understand why this happens.

Why do GLP-1 medications tend to stop working?

As with other weight loss methods, it is not unusual for patients to experience a point where they plateau and can no longer reduce their weight any further–no matter how much they try to take injectables, increase exercise, or decrease caloric intake. This is completely common and is due to the body creating a “set point” that it won’t drop below. The body understands what it needs to function at its best and will leave stores of fat to provide the energy required to sustain the body.

Can weight loss drugs help me?

Using GLP-1 receptor agonists, a type 2 diabetes treatment for obesity, can help, but patients will find that they will often plateau in their weight loss goals. Our Board-certified gastroenterologist and obesity medicine specialist may suggest switching up medications and strategies to keep the body guessing and help promote weight loss beyond these injectables alone. During a consultation appointment with Dr. Alexander Shapsis, patients can undergo an evaluation to determine what medical weight loss strategies are best for their unique needs.

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