Adjustable Gastric Balloon Now Available for Weight Loss Treatment

The Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon is a cutting-edge medical device designed for weight loss management. Unlike traditional gastric balloons, it features an innovative adjustability feature, allowing healthcare providers to customize the volume of the balloon during treatment. 

Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss in Brooklyn NY Area

Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Brooks, CEO of Spatz Medical, it has garnered attention for its high success rate, as proven in FDA pivotal trials and real-world applications. This adjustable aspect addresses challenges encountered with fixed-volume balloons, offering a more tailored approach to weight loss for individuals seeking non-surgical solutions. At Endoslim Clinic of Atlantic Gastroenterology in Brooklyn, New York, we are excited to offer this advanced weight loss procedure.

Clinical Trial Results

Findings from the FDA Pivotal Study, published in The Lancet, redefine the benchmark for Intragastric Balloon effectiveness. Key highlights include:

  • Significant Weight Loss: Spatz3 patients experienced a striking 15% initial weight reduction, a fivefold increase compared to the control group’s 3% loss
  • Sustained Results: 74.3% of participants maintained substantial weight reduction six months post-balloon removal
  • Tailored Adjustments: The adjustable feature alleviated intolerance in 82% of cases with down adjustments, while up adjustments at 18 weeks led to an additional 15.2% excess weight loss
  • Extended Treatment Duration: Endorsed for an eight-month timeframe, Spatz3 surpasses standard six-month balloons, contributing to enhanced patient outcomes

Sustained Dedication to Advancement

At Spatz Medical, their dedication to pushing the boundaries of bariatric endoscopy drives their ongoing commitment to innovation. The groundbreaking adjustability feature of the Spatz3 represents a transformative leap in intragastric balloon technology. It introduces a range of further opportunities for patients, such as improving signs of balloon intolerance, stopping early intolerance through gradual filling, and offering a rejuvenation option for those experiencing stalls in weight reduction.

Approved for adult use in individuals with obesity, the Spatz3 provides a personalized approach to weight loss. It accommodates individuals who have not attained desired outcomes through supervised weight management treatment or encountered obstacles with traditional, fixed-volume balloons.

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