Detect important liver changes, non-invasively, with the FibroScan test in Brooklyn NY

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common cluster of liver-related conditions in the Western world, and its prevalence is on the rise due to factors such as obesity. Serious complications from NAFLD can be avoided with early intervention and close monitoring of the disorder characterized by excess fat in liver cells and affecting patients who drink little to no alcohol. The FibroScan® liver test in Brooklyn NY at Atlantic Gastroenterology, combined with the expertise of Board-certified gastroenterologist, Dr. Alexander Shapsis, results in a powerful ally to detect and follow liver changes, which leads to early, effective intervention.

Fibroscan Liver Test in Brooklyn area

Why you may benefit from FibroScan®

Most patients with NAFLD have “simple steatosis,” the medical term for fatty liver without inflammation, scarring (fibrosis), and tissue damage; however, a subgroup of people, particularly those with Type 2 diabetes or who are obese, may develop an aggressive form of the disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, which can progress to late-stage scarring (cirrhosis) and liver failure. NAFLD can be asymptomatic; it frequently rises to medical attention only after tests ordered for other reasons point to a liver problem.

Furthermore, a Mayo Clinic study found that a woman’s risk of developing progressive NAFLD is underestimated in a clinical setting. After, on average, seven years, female study subjects were more likely to have cardiovascular disease or to have died from NAFLD complications than their male counterparts with the disease (18  percent versus 9 percent and 9 percent versus 6 percent respectively). In fact, heart-related problems (heart attack, stroke, and angina), are the top cause of death for patients with NAFLD.

The importance of early intervention and management of the disease, especially with such significant risks of complications, cannot be overstated. Dr. Shapsis has invested in a range of advanced diagnostic tools, designed to accurately, efficiently, painlessly and comfortably monitor NAFLD.

The ease of FibroScan®

Elastography – “ultrasound machine for your liver,” a.k.a FibroScan® measures both fibrosis or scarring and steatosis or fatty build-up. These findings inform Dr. Shapsis about your liver disease, and may be combined with other diagnostics, such as imaging scans and blood tests. Generally, the lower the score (from “F0” to “F4”), the milder the scarring. An appropriate alternative to invasive biopsies for many patients, FibroScan is hassle-free, quick, and painless:

  • You’ll be positioned for the test in a way that allows for easy exposure to the intercostal spaces between your ribs.
  • Dr. Shapsis gently places the tip of the FibroScan® probe in that space to effectively scan your liver.
  • Since the probe is placed on the surface of your skin, it’s non-invasive.
  • Patients describe the sensation of FibroScan® to a slight vibration.
  • Ten measurements are produced during the exam, which are then used to establish an overall score of liver stiffness, an indicator of scarring.

FibroScan® examinations can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. Don’t wait to get the answers that you deserve. Call 718 521-2840 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shapsis at one of Atlantic Gastroenterology’s two Brooklyn locations.

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