Does endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty work for class III obesity?

Patients who are diagnosed with class III obesity often feel as though they have a long road to achieving significant and clinically meaningful weight loss to improve their self-confidence and, in some cases, eliminate obesity-related medical conditions that can often affect one’s overall wellness. At EndoSlim Clinic Clinic NY of Atlantic Gastroenterology in Brooklyn, New York, our professionals can assist by performing specific procedures designed to boost weight loss in those who need dramatic improvement for their health and wellness. Dr. Alexander Shapsis, our board-certified gastroenterologist and obesity medicine specialist, is committed to helping with certain weight loss procedures such as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, or ESG.

ESG For Class III Obesity in Brooklyn NY Area

What is endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty?

Dr. Shapsis describes the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, or ESG (a.k.a. EndoSlim), is a procedure that can reduce the size of the stomach to promote weight loss and improve overall health. This procedure involves inserting what is known as an endoscope device, which is a very thin, flexible tube with both a light and a camera attached. It is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach. The endoscope is outfitted with a suturing device called OverStitch that shapes the inside of the stomach, creating a smaller “sleeve” or tube-like anatomical configuration that can hold less food and help patients feel full faster. This procedure requires no incisions and typically results in a minimal to short recovery compared to traditional weight loss surgeries.

How does endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty compare to other weight loss procedures?

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is an alternative to more invasive weight loss surgeries. It can help patients achieve and maintain weight loss better than other long-term weight loss options such as weight control programs, portion control, medications or other methods that tend to provide minimal results in those with class III obesity. When you consult with our team about how to achieve weight loss with the assistance of a professional, you may be advised that ESG is suitable for you!

Does ESG help patients be successful in losing significant weight?

Individuals with medical conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even sleep apnea who have been diagnosed with class III obesity may find that the ESG treatment is their best solution. In fact, a recent study found that a majority of patients who have had ESG performed will achieve and maintain their weight loss up to three years post-procedure. These findings give hope to those who are looking to reduce their rates of morbidity and mortality when facing class III obesity and seeking solutions that can assist with meeting their weight loss goals.

Learn more about ESG procedure “near me” with our Brooklyn, New York, area doctor and team at EndoSlim Clinic NY of Atlantic Gastroenterology

If you reside in Brooklyn, NY, and are interested in finding out if ESG is right for you, contact Dr. Alexander Shapsis at EndoSlim Clinic NY of Atlantic Gastroenterology to request an appointment. Our team of professionals has two office locations, including our Court Street and Ocean Parkway offices, and is open to new and returning patients in and around the community. We invite patients to call 718 521-2840 to request a first consultation with our board-certified gastroenterologist and obesity medicine specialist and his dedicated team.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your gastroenterology needs with our caring team of providers!

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