Five-plus health risks of obesity underscore the importance of weight management

At Atlantic Gastroenterology and Endoslim Clinic, Board-certified gastroenterologist Dr. Alexander Shapsis provides a variety of tailored therapies for weight management. These interventions may include a combination of procedures at our Brooklyn, New York office and weight loss medication. Such options minimize, prevent, or eliminate the numerous health risks associated with obesity. 

Obesity Medication in Brooklyn NY Area
  • Obesity as a chronic disease:

The American Medical Association and numerous other respected organizations now recognize obesity as a chronic disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines “chronic disease” as a condition that persists for at least one year, requires medical attention, and limits everyday activity. 

  • Obesity’s link to common chronic diseases:

The CDC isolates heart disease, cancer, and diabetes (type 2) as the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States. Obesity is associated with all three of these conditions. 

  • Obesity and mortality:

This condition, affecting one out of every six American adults, has many widespread and dire consequences. When compared to their healthy-weight counterparts, the CDC notes that obese individuals are at elevated risks for numerous severe health problems – not limited to “all causes of death,” as well as hypertension and coronary heart disease. 

  • Weight and mental health: 

Researchers have suggested a “bi-directional” relationship between obesity and mental disorders: 

  • Poor mental health increases the risk of becoming obese and 
  • Obesity is a risk factor for mental health challenges

Notably, the medications used to treat mental disorders contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance. Plus, mental illness affects everything from how one sleeps to food choices, which also contributes to weight gain and obesity.

  • Weight discrimination: 

Obese populations are at elevated risk of becoming depressed due to a complex array of factors not limited to poor self-image. Obese individuals may be victimized, experiencing weight bias and stigma. Due to the links between weight and mental well-being, it is generally advised that obese individuals be screened for mental disorders. 

  • Obesity as a disability: 

Some obese individuals may be eligible for disability benefits. Morbid obesity, now defined as “Class III obesity,” may result in health conditions that disable individuals. For instance, severe joint and back pain can interfere with the ability to perform on-the-job tasks and duties. It should be noted that the mere presence of Class III obesity is not sufficient on its own to qualify for disability. Some employees who fall under this category still continue to perform job functions. 

These and other health risks and complications do not have to be in your future. As a gastroenterology specialist, Dr. Shapsis has considerable knowledge and advanced and clinically proven treatments and interventions. You can trust his expertise in sustained, safe, and effective weight management medications and techniques. 

Schedule a consultation at Atlantic Gastroenterology today. Contact our team in Brooklyn, NY, at 718 521-2840. You may also contact our Endoslim clinic at 1-877-SIZEOFF (1-877-749-3633).

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