Six key points regarding the ForePass device with an expected release in 2025

Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and while there are several ways to help patients manage it, there is always new and rising technology being designed to make it easier than ever to keep diabetes at bay. Dr. Alexander Shapsis is a board-certified gastroenterologist in the Brooklyn, New York, area who is ready to help and can talk to you about upcoming solutions currently being tested before release to the public. One exciting technology on the rise and about to undergo clinical trials is the Forepass device for diabetes management, which allows patients to manage their diabetes without surgery. Let’s take a closer look and consider the various key points about the ForePass device and how it works.

Forepass Device for Diabetes in Brooklyn NY area

What is the ForePass device for diabetes?

Keyron is currently developing the ForePass device. It combines both intestinal sleeves and gastric balloons into one product. It is an alternative to invasive metabolic surgery, eliminating the need for a surgical procedure and incision.

What do I need to know about the ForePass device?

Below are six key points to consider when thinking about the future of the ForePass device for diabetes:

  • The ForePass device is inserted into the stomach and intestinal tracts during an endoscopy without surgical interventions, eliminating surgery and incisions altogether.
  • The ForePass device has shown remarkable results in early testing, allowing for up to 79% weight decrease compared to more traditional ways of treating diabetes.
  • The ForePass device is completely reversible, allowing patients to have them removed endoscopically when they have reached their weight loss goals. Both placement and removal are nonsurgical.
  • The ForePass device is designed to help decrease food consumption. It has been shown to significantly improve insulin resistance in patients who have not been able to address their diabetes using more traditional methods.
  • The ForePass device intends to start clinical trials early in 2025 to gain FDA approval and allow the product to hit the market for public use. 
  • While the ForePass device is primarily used for weight loss, it can also be used to reduce weight gain that has contributed to diabetes. Many patients afflicted by obesity who have diabetes can find they can manage it better when they achieve successful weight loss.

Learn more about this and other innovative technology hitting the market soon!

Dr. Alexander Shapsis stays abreast of new developments in the field of gastroenterology and can speak to you about ways in which you can manage conditions such as diabetes safely and effectively. If you want to discuss the ForePass device or any other solutions that are becoming available in the near future, we invite you to book a consultation visit with our team in Brooklyn, New York, by calling 718 521-2840. We have two office locations at Ocean Parkway and Court Street, and our board-certified gastroenterologist is always open to new patients in his state-of-the-art office.

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