The importance of colorectal cancer screenings with Brooklyn area provider

At Atlantic Gastroenterology of Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Alexander Shapsis and his team are pleased to provide a wide range of screening services for new and current patients. This includes colorectal cancer screenings. Colon cancer affects both men and women of all ethnicities and is one of the most preventable forms of cancer. Many cancer patients may feel completely healthy, meaning it is more important than ever to be proactive about obtaining regular cancer screenings with a gastroenterologist. Our team is here to talk to you about the importance of regular screenings and the guidelines used to determine if cancer is present.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines in Brooklyn NY Area

What happens during a colon cancer screening?

During your colon cancer screening, Dr. Alexander Shapsis will use one of two methods: a flexible sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy. Both require the use of a thin, flexible tube with a small light and video camera attached to it, inserted into the rectum to inspect the large intestine for any abnormalities or polyps. If polyps are found during the screening, they can be removed immediately by Dr. Alexander Shapsis.

What are the guidelines for screenings?

The American Cancer Society recommends starting regular screenings at age 45 for those with an average risk of developing colorectal cancer. However, if you have a family history or other risk factors such as inflammatory bowel disease, your doctor may recommend beginning screenings earlier.

Recent study information

You may have heard of the recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine that determined colonoscopies do not reduce the chance of death from colorectal cancer. Unfortunately, many vital details were left out of the study, making these headlines misleading. Those who actually had a colonoscopy performed were at a 31% lower risk of developing colorectal cancer and at a 50% lower risk of dying from colorectal cancer. The numbers continue to show that colonoscopies SAVE LIVES!

Learn more about colorectal cancer screening

Patients must visit a doctor on a regular basis for colorectal cancer screening to increase their chances of spotting problems early enough for successful intervention. Dr. Alexander Shapsis of Atlantic Gastroenterology is an experienced provider who can perform these screenings to help patients remain healthy and live long, fulfilling lives! Call his office at 718 521-2840 to make an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at one of his two office locations in Brooklyn, NY.

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