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Are you an Ozempic nonresponder in Brooklyn, New York?

Ozempic is one of many recently approved medications that has been used for patients with diabetes but has also been identified as an effective solution for patients who are struggling with obesity and need a boost to help them in their weight loss journey. This and several other injectables have become incredibly popular in the last year, allowing those who have found weight loss to be challenging to see changes in their appearance, confidence, and overall health. But what if you start treatment and don’t respond? If you are an Ozempic nonresponder, it can be frustrating. Here are four facts about the issues noticed in some patients who do not see results with this type of weight loss treatment.

Ozempic Nonresponder in Brooklyn Area

Four facts about Ozempic nonresponse

  1. Approximately one in six patients who start Ozempic injections find that they don’t lose any weight at all or experience negligible results. But why is this happening? These individuals are known as Ozempic nonresponders, and it is a very real problem for those hoping to see results with weight loss injections.
  2. Other injectables, including Zepbound and Mounjaro, also have nonresponse rates in about 15% of patients. Nonresponders are those who are classified as losing less than five percent of their total body weight over up to 68 weeks. In addition, many of these nonresponders have been shown to gain weight while on the medications, even after increasing their medication dose with their doctor’s approval.
  3. While for many individuals, this medication can reduce hunger, some still find themselves with an appetite, which can lead to excess calorie consumption that can negate any other positive effects these weight loss injections can offer.
  4. The reason for nonresponse to Ozempic and other popular weight loss injections may be due to different emotional responses, including stress eating, cravings, lack of sleep, and other factors that might be outside of a patient’s control. Patients are urged to stay active and still be mindful of their food consumption to improve their chances of successful weight loss—and an improved active and healthy lifestyle overall.

Where can I learn more about Ozempic?

If you are looking for a weight loss solution that meets your needs, helps you to achieve your weight goals, and leads you to a healthier lifestyle, it is time to work with a professional to determine what options are available to you to help boost your results! Dr. Alexander Shapsis is a board-certified Gastroenterologist and Obesity Medicine Specialist in the Brooklyn, New York, area who offers injections and medically-guided non-surgical endoscopic weight loss options for men and women. If you live in or around the community and are interested in learning more, contact one of our two locations, including our Ocean Parkway and our Court Street clinic locations

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